Hello, my loves! This post is rather personal for me.I realize that I come on here every week twice a week to compare products tell you my favorites but I have yet to truly include you on why I choose to do so. My life is rather simple I go to work, I go to school,  I come home, I cook, I clean, I play with my fur baby, and I go to bed.Not leaving much time for fun, until now. This blog has brought so much joy into my simple life it has turned my hobby into so much more than I could ever dream of, and I have you to thank.

I grew up being a tomboy and well, to be honest, I feel as If I am making up for lost time. I fell in love with makeup at the age of 16 when I bought my Naked 2 palette. Seriously I used it like 5 times a day I still have it for nostalgia reasons but I no longer use it because it is long past the expiration date.

Discovering youtube was also a big part of my journey. When I first saw someone doing makeup on youtube ( I think it was Carli Bybel, to be honest, I found it hilarious. I found the concept to be so bizarre. However after watching I realized that there was so much that I had to learn. I had no idea about highlighting and contouring or even a transition shade.

My love of youtube encouraged me to buy way too many beauty products and I decided that it would be fun to write my own reviews. I did post view videos which are now long gone, but I did, however, fall in love with written word. Some thing about it just feels so old fashioned and genuine. I get to review products be genuine and help others in such a unique way. I am making friends around the world. How crazy of a concept.

I love what I do and it is thanks to you. Thank you for your weekly support and your comments they truly mean the world to me. Please ask any questions that you may have below.




Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. In the recent years, subscription boxes have taken off not just in the beauty world. At this day in age, you can just about get a box of anything delivered to your door step. Where this is awesome is it really worth it?

In the past, I have been subscribed to Allure, Ipsy, and Star subscription boxes. Currently, I am subscribed to Sephora Play and BirchBox. I love these two the most because I feel as if they actually take into account what I say in my introduction survey.  Now let’s jump into the list.


PRO #1 Discovering New Brands

I am always up for finding new products and brands that I love which are a huge bonus to these boxes. Plus the price is right they are typically 10-15$. In particular, I have found several hair care products like the IGK coconut gel that I would not have stumbled on with out these boxes.

CON #1 Repeat Products

As cool as it is to have makeup come to your door you never know what is in the box. That means you will be getting repeat products * cough cough* Smashbox primer… and some products that are not meant for your skin, or not a shade that you enjoy ect. Which could make these boxes feel like a gamble.

PRO #2 It is makeup at your door

Yes, I am a frequent Sephora online shopper, due to the fact that my tiny town seriously needs a makeup store really though any big investors out there? please put a Sephora in my town! I would be forever grateful. The subscription box is different it is 5-6 deluxe samples of products that I know is coming each month! as a beauty blogger, I take full advantage of this. Also if you are like me and love new stuff to play with but can’t always justify the price tag this is a great way to get that fix.

Con #2 Bags

Every single one of these boxes will have a makeup bag included.At first, it is great I put them in my purses filled with my must have products, I have a separate one for my lady time products, they are also great to give to friends as gifts. Then one day you are guilty of looking down at a drawer filled wondering how you have accumulated so many.


PRO #3 added bonuses

There is usually an added bonus in with the boxes which honestly makes them all the more worth it. you can get a discount at Birch box on the products that you loved from their box, as well as discounts on other products through their site. Sephora play on the other hand gives you extra play points for getting samples or saving for a huge beauty trip on Sephora!

Con #3 Little to no variety

These bags can give you hair masks 4 months in a row * cough * Sephora play. There is also a high chance if there is a product that you do not like to use for me it is face-primers, the chances of you getting one is rather frequent.

Con #4 The perfume

I am not typically a perfume girl and it may just be me, but I feel like when they come in those little bottles they seriously all smell the same. I am not sure why maybe my nose is broken but the perfume samples are always a disappointment to me.

At the end of the day, I do love my subscription boxes because of the variety that they offer me. However, if the price does jump up in the feature that would be a serious deterrent for me.I hope that you enjoyed my breakdown of the things that I love and don’t about these boxes.












IMG_0672 2

Let’s be honest here we have all had silly mistakes with makeup, forget to do things and it is all part of the learning process.Really there is nothing to be ashamed of I promise.

*Never getting my hair cut … seriously though it has been almost 2 years.

*Washing, but forgetting to condition my makeup brushes.

*Forgetting to wash my makeup brushes in general

*Forgetting I have makeup on and falling asleep

*Getting a new product before I use up my old one #beautybloggerproblems

*Never finishing my face masks before they dry out

*Leaving chipped nails on my toes for way tooo long

*Neglecting my eyebrows…


Do you have any habits that you are not so proud of? I would love to hear them

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All right everyone today is a little something new for my blog. I call this splurge or purge. More or less a fun way to say is it a dupe? or not. As you probably know by now the two faced better than sex mascara is seriously one of my all time faves. My whole grail which I do not say lightly. When I first say the Lash Paradise I must say that it did look promising, but did it meet my expectations? let’s find out.


Better Than Sex 

Price: $ 23

Amount of product:  0.27 oz

Wand: Fluffy and loosely packed

Packaging: Light pink tube, Stamped logo, quality packaging.

Performance: The mascara has a dry formula that is perfect for building up your lashes. They honestly look like falsies. Adding the perfect amount of length and volume, for optimum results check add 2 coats. The product does dry out fast.


Lash Paradise 

Price: $ 9.99

Amount: 0 .28 oz

Wand: Less fluffy than the better than sex and more densely packed.

Packaging: Light pink shade with a plastic tube with writing printed on it.

Performance: This product has an over all wet formula, it does not clump together and does a good job at lengthening your lashes however this product falls short in the volume category.





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HEEEELLLLLOOOOOO! it feels so good to know that the year is coming along is anyone else as excited about fall as I am? I am beyond ready for snuggly blankets, hot chocolate, and oh yeah lots of good food. This Sunday I bring to you a spit fire review on my favorites products, some may seem familiar from my posts about birch box or Sephora play. I love doing these posts because it gives me a chance to clear out some products that I know just don’t make the cut.

Wet and Wild Photo Finish Foundation: Can I just say wow! flawless perfect skin that lasts and for only 6$! yeah, you can count me in. The only down side is that it is drug store so finding a match may be difficult. I suggest bringing a bottle of a foundation that you already love with you to help you find your perfect shade.

Carli Bybel Deluxe Eye Shadow Palette: I have already done a full review on this palette so I will keep this brief. If you don’t have this in your life you are missing out.

Smashbox highlighter trio:  This is still my go to everyday highlight it is perfect especially for those who don’t like to emphasize texture.

Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar Lipgloss:  You know the drill with this one a classic creamy nude that gives you all day shine? Girl this stuff is the bomb.

Ouai Hair Oil: I can count on this oil day and night to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy even with this killer heat. It smells amazing also, I wish they would make this into a perfume.

Kat Von D: This is in the shade K-dub. I know what you are thinking way 2 bright. I personally don’t wear it on its own. But I love to mix it. For the Fourth of July, I layered it under mac cosmetics ruby woo lipstick to brighten up the blue red undertone and it looked amazing! It also made my lip color stay on all day.

Oribe Wave And Shine Spray:  I have crazy curly and untameable hair. This product adds the right amount of grit to calm down my volume but adds a beautiful shine so my hair doesn’t begin to look dull from so much product.

What were your monthly favorites? comment them down below! until next time.

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Hey Loves! I am so excited to be writing this post for you guys. When ever I find myself sitting at my computer typing away about products that I love I truly feel thankful for this incredible opportunity to be able to help others on their makeup journey and get to be apart of peoples lives. Thank you so much for opening your door to me and letting me into your homes for a few minutes a week. I truly can not explain how much it means to me. Today I will be reviewing that Sephora Play makeup subscription box for the month of July. First off I need to say is holy cow! Sephora truly stepped up their game; the samples this month are huge!


Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque: The thing I love most about this masque is that it states that it is made for the scalp. Something that I truly have been obsessed with lately is taking care of my scalp. Even though this left my hair super moisturized even when I loaded it up at my roots I wasn’t left feeling grimy or like my hair was being weighed down if anything I feel like I got more volume. The full size is $30 for 6 oz.

It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara: To be fully honest I have not tried much from it cosmetics and this mascara totally left me feeling under whelmed. I am a big drugstore girl when it comes to mascara and I just can’t justify the price of the high end unless it truly knocks my socks off. At $24 it did lengthen my lashes beautifully but fell flat in terms of volume.

Fresh Rose Face Mask:  Fresh is known for their skin care and yes their line may be pricey but most products are totally worth it! This product is great for calming my skin after a day on the river or out in the hot sun. It is up there in price at $62 for 3.3 oz, so I am not sure that I would repurchase myself. But I do love the product.

Clinique Exfoliating Cleanser:  This product claims to be great for all skin types however it does say that it is meant to help with pores as well as oiliness. Therefore if you have dry more sensitive skin a daily exfoliant may not be for you. This month It has helped clearly redefine my t-zone area and give me over all better-looking skin at $19.50 for 4.2 oz this is a product I  am willing to keep in my arsenal.

Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Lipstick In Set Sail: These glide on so smoothly and almost feel like a harden butter. Not overly soft but the perfect consistency. A Beautiful pigment that lasts a fair amount of time. The price is consistent with the lower end of high-end makeup at $21. If you have not swatched these, go do it and thank me later.


Thank you guys so much for taking a peek into my Sephora play box with me.  If you have any requests of what you would like to see please leave a comment below .

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Hello, my loves! as you know I typically review my Sephora play box for you every month, however this month I will also be reviewing my Birchbox. This is my first time ever receiving a birch box and I could not be more excited. I clearly have an addiction for beauty boxes and I feel like I have tried a ton of them. If you would be interested in a run down of which beauty boxes that I feel are a great bang for your buck please feel free to comment down below.

The first thing that I noticed about my birch box was of course packaging. It came in a fun colored high-quality box with minimal packaging which I like. The products that you get are most definitely a mix. This month was a mix of well-known products and a few randoms that I truly question the quality on. Given that it is a mix you get to discover new products which are not so well known items. Have you tried Birchbox? are you planning to try after this review?



Oribe Beach Wave And Shine Spray: If you have ever used a salt spray you know how truly drying the product can be to your hair. That is why I fell in love with this product with the hefty price tag of $42 for the full size I knew it truly had to knock my socks off. This product claims to create perfect beachy waves by amping up the texture and nourishing your hair all while adding shine. It leaves your hair looking silky smooth but tousled and beachy at the same time. I also love that I don’t have to worry about drying out my hair with this product.

Marcelle: This is a gel moisturizer that truly wakes up your skin with its green tea and cucumber extracts. Which also makes it smell amazing! It is also infused with vitamin E and C. It is light weight, however, I only recommend using it in the morning given that it truly makes my face feel awake when I use it. The product also protects your skin from pollutants. Full size $27.

The Beauty Crop: this is a cream and powder blush duo. This is the product to me that was a total miss. My pan was falling out of the container the cream blush is so overly saturated with bright pink pigment and felt weirdly waxy. The powder blush had loads of fall out and was extremely chalky. Full size $10.

Beauty Protector: A leave in conditioner that also doubles as a heat protectant? count me it! I have been using this product daily and so far so good. It can also be used as a detangler as well. This multi use product is most definitely the highlight of this box. Full size $23.50

Arrow: A color boosting lip balm that reacts with your ph to create your perfect shade. I have truly never been a fan of these products. My body must have a very high ph because color changing products always tend to become a bold pink on me. Which is not really my style. However, it is very moisturizing so I use it before bed. Full size $14.




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