IMG_0708Hello loves and welcome back to my blog! Today we are doing another splurge or Purge! Which to me is just a fun way of seeing if a potential dupe for a product works. If you have any products you would love to see me dupe as always comment down below.

The Splurge:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz it a cult favorite. It has been keeping my brows in shape for years! To the point where honestly I have never felt the need to try and find a replacement. Until now, but to be honest it is just for fun! I love this product because it lasts all day, gives great color pigment and is truly worth every penny spent. It is animal cruelty-free and the shade range is wide to meet everyone’s needs.

The Purge:

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. If you are like me and have never found a brow pencil worth mentioning! I feel you! This product is new on the market and without a doubt an amazing game changer for the drugstore. I love drugstore products and know that you can get some serious steals. This product is less waxy and a lot less dryer than typical drugstore brow products. It is creamy perfection to lock in those brows all day. With this product, I find that I need to set it in order to get the ultimate wear out of it. The color match does not have as many options as the Anastasia nor is the line as perfected. L’Oreal is also known for testing on animals. I say if you can find your shade this product is a serious win! And a great dupe!

In full honesty I think these are both great! For this one I leave the splurge or Purge up to you!

Thanks for reading




Hello loves! And welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be a review of the new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette. ¬†I am so excited to be sharing with you all of the fun new posts that I have up my sleeve! I am fully loving blogging and sharing everything with you.ūüíú P.S. I just realized that I can get to WordPress on my phone! Which has made me a boatload more productive and has been a total game changer.


This is is my first time ever purchasing from the brand Huda Beauty. They are widely known on Instagram and Social Media. This palette attracted my attention because I feel that the color combination is unique. You get your warm mattes, but the shimmer was what really drew me in. I knew this palette would be amazing for a statement eye. They lid colors are so unique and truly beautiful! They have four different formulas in this palette, matte, pressed pearl, duo-chrome toppers and pure glitter. The shadows do have fall out, which honestly does not bother me because it is not excessive. The pigment goes a long way so be sure to add in light layers and blend! They do go on like a dream but can become very bold very quickly so with this palette less is most definitely more.




Left ‚ě°ÔłŹ Right

Desert Sand (Matte) , Musk (Matte) , Eden (Matte) , Amber ( Matte), Blood Mood (Pressed Pearl) ,Oud ( Matte).


Celestial (Duo Chrome) , Nefertiti ( Pressed Pearl) , Twilight ( Duo Chrome) , Amethyst ( Matte ) , Royal ( Pressed Pearl) , Retrograde ( Duo Chrome).


Cashmere ( Pressed Pearl ) , Angelic ( Pressed Ppearl) , Cosmo ( Pure Glitter ) , Turkish Delight ( Pressed Pearl) *Chronicles of Narina anyone?!?* Saffron (Matte) , Blazzin (Matte)



Good afternoon! And welcome back to my crazy world. It has been a bit since I have been on an adventure. Doug is off hunting this week so I decided that I would go off on my own and have a bit of fun. I packed a car full of friends and we ended up in the most magical place. I got the first real glimpse at fall and it is safe to say that I am in love. I am anxiously awaiting the snow but I am thankful for the colder weather. The water was a beautiful crystal blue from all of the snow runoff and crystal clear. I felt as if I had been transported into a whole new world that in actuality was about 45 minutes away from my homeūüíú.


Hello Hello! As promised even though I did review the all-star edition of the Sephora Play Box I will also be reviewing the regular subscription box. My Sephora Play Box has most definitely become a staple of my month. I love being able to try the high-quality samples and mix up my makeup collection. The box retails for $10 and can be purchased on With every box that you purchase you get an extra 50 point perk card if you make an additional in-store purchase within the same month.

The box comes with six deluxe sized samples of products that of course, you can find at Sephora. This month the theme is a change of face which is helping us transition into the new colder weather that is just around the corner.


Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil: The Sephora brand for Sephora is one of their most affordable lines. But that does not mean that the products are a fail. Their brow pencil is actually one of my favorites. This month I have been testing out their waterproof liner they have an insane range of colors for $10 a piece. Which for a high-end product is a rocking deal! If you need an eyeliner that won’t break the bank look no further.

Benefit Give Me Brow: I use this product just about every single day! I even got my mom hooked on it. This product is a must-have for me and I love now having a backup tiny one for traveling.  This is great for no makeup days or full glam it makes my eyebrows look amazing. They have a mini size for $12 and a full sized for $24

Deva Curl Conditioning Mask: In case you haven’t noticed yes Sephora loves to send me hair masks. ¬†My hair is obsessed with moisture so it works out for me most of the time. It is ¬†$34 for 8 oz. Deva Curl products have a weird smell in general so I was expecting an odd smell which surprisingly¬†the product did not have. It did still weigh my hair down and make it seem greasy. This product was a pass for me.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: Fresh products are known for being lightweight, natural and gentle on the skin. This moisture lives up to their reputation, however, it has a surprising price tag. Most of Fresh products are rather pricey however this product is $45 for 1.6 oz. I have tried this product before and was left feeling unimpressed. This time was different I am not sure why but my skin seemed to need this product. It left my skin supple and soft making me believe I may have found my new favorite moisturizer.

Ciate London Liquid Velvet: I am a sucker for a bold lip. This product is not transfer proof nor does it claim to be. It is nondrying, however, does get cakey when applying layers. The pigment? Some of the best I have ever seen with a liquid lip.Even though it does transfer the color somehow does not seem to come off the lips! I loved it so much that I went out and bought a few shades in everyday colors for $19 a piece these are a must try! IMG_0706

Living Proof Nourishing Oil: This month instead of a perfume we got a hair oil! Once again right up my alley. I am obsessed with Living Proof so I was pumped to try this product. It left my hair supple shiny and ready to take on the world. No joke I even love this more than GK Keratin Argan Oil. I have purchased a full size for $20 and will keep you updated on my new love affair.


Hello Loves! Welcome back to my blog. I am so excited for the season change the air is crisp and beautiful and we have snow here Oregon. I can hardly believe it!¬†However, they say that it won’t last long given that we are expected to be back in the 80’s soon. I, however, am going to soak in every moment that I can.

Today we will be talking about my favorite fall single eyeshadows. I love single shadows because with a z palette you can make a palette custom to the colors that you love. All of the following shadows are vegan and cruelty-free


To me, these colors scream fall! Of course, there will be tutorials coming I have been checking out loads of other blogs seeing how they do tutorials in blog form. If you have any suggestions on blogs that I should check out please comment down below.


Swatches Left- Right:

MG = Makeup Geek $6-$10 Each

AB = Anastasia Beverly Hills  $12

Bitten (MG) , Latte ( MG) , Chocolate crumbles ( ABH) , Mesmerized (MG) , Orange Soda ( ABH) , Cocoa Bear (MG), Shimma Shimma (MG) , Legend (MG)


Enchanted Forest ( MG ), Typhoon (MG) , Moondust (MG) , Chiffon (ABH).

My must have transition shade from ABH which is orange soda it is so beautiful to warm up the eye in the most beautiful way. Latte can also serve as a beautiful crease shade on its own or in combination with orange soda or on its own.

Bitten, Cocoabear and enchanted forest are amazing for deeping up the outer v or smoking out the lower lash line for a super smokey look.

I am a sucker for an all over shimmer lid which is where I got to typhoon, legend or mesmerized.

For brow highlight or an inner corner highlight Shimma Shimma really pulls a look together.



Hello Loves!!! Welcome back to my blog. On this blog, we generally cover makeup and skin care so, today we are going to cover getting unready with me after a night out or a day with a full face of makeup. To be honest it is totally the second one because I am a couch potato. Who loves to binge watch Netflix and talk about makeup!

Leaving makeup on your face can cause clogged pores, which leads to acne, it can lead to enlarged pores, dried out and dull looking skin as well as uneven texture. I can not stress how important that it is to take care of your skin especially after a day of wearing makeup. Our skin is our biggest organ and just like the rest of our body, it is important that we take care of it.


The first product that I always use is a makeup wipe. Believe it or not, a makeup wipe is not enough so on those lazy nights when you don’t want to take off your makeup. Yes, we have all been there! That pack of makeup wipes on your side table will not do the trick. The only way to fully¬†break down your makeup is by fully washing in off your face. I love the wipes from Kirkland they are so affordable and soft they also don’t sting my face or feel harsh.That being said I do use a makeup wipe to get the process started it removes the top layer of makeup.

Next, I love to use a cleansing oil or balm. I find that it really breaks down the layer of makeup that is under my skin and getting rid of any makeup that the makeup wipe may have missed it is also amazing at breaking down water proof makeup. My current favorite is the Clinique take off the day balm! It has no smell and does not break me out. It also breaks down all of those pesky liquid lipsticks.

My next Step is to use the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover to make sure that I got rid of all of the pesky residual makeup usually there is hardly any left, but I do it just to be careful.

IMG_0698 2

Finally, I cleanse my face with my Clarisonic and the fresh soy face wash I love this one because it is so gentle on my skin. I personally have the Clarisonic Mia 3( discontinued the mia 3) in a limited edition print. There are many myths about the Clarisonic being bad for your skin. I love my clairsonic!!!! however, it will break you out if you are not careful!Look out for a post on how to get the best results from your Clarisonic!  after my face is all clean and makeup free I finish up with my skin care routine and hop in bed.

I LOVE YOU ! Thank you so much for reading and please follow my blog to see new posts every Wednesday and Sunday !



Hello loves! Today we will be discussing the limited edition Sephora play box. I received this box in addition to my regular play box this month so you will be seeing a post on that as well.

Sephora advertised this as a luxury box it retailed for $20 and is not part of the regular Sephora subscription. This box is also no longer Available.It did sell out fast so if you like this concept, next time I would jump on getting one.

To be fully honest I am someone who hates to love luxury products. I hold them to an impeccably high standard, given they are usually outrageous priced. When I first saw this box I was so pumped to get my hands on it I loved the idea of 6 ¬†deluxe samples of designer products that I probably would never be able to try otherwise However, I was slightly disappointed in their sample selection I wish that they had chosen samples that are hard to get your hands on instead of some that are overly mass-produced, especially with the price point. Let’s see how the box holds up to my standards.

When I got my box I was drawn to the holographic bag it was beautiful and a nice change from the cloth bags that we usually get. It will easily be reused as a travel friendly makeup bag or a place to store extra products.


The all star edition cards that double as a game was a super cuter touch! Sephora did a great job with making this box feel luxurious and worth the doubel price tag.


DiorShow Mascara:  I was disappointed in their choice of this sample it has been on the Sephora point perks options for some time so I feel as if it has been sampled by most people. In terms of the actual product, I am not a fan of this mascara. I find it hard to coat the giant brush with the dry almost mealy mascara formula. Given the brush is so big I am also not a fan of the application process. I feel that the popup packaging causes the product to dry extremely quickly and makes it almost unusable.This mascara retail for $28.50 and comes in brown, black, blue, and purple.

TomFord Lipstick: A Tom Ford baby lipstick?!?! Okay, Sephora I see you stepping up your game! If you want to splurge on a  luxury lipstick go no further than Tom Ford at the hefty price tag of $54. It will not disappoint it is creamy beyond words and the packing is top-notch. The fact that this one is a baby one makes it even cuter! The shade chosen will look beautiful on all skin tones and is perfect for late summer, early fall.


SK-II Essence Oh my goodness. I have been told that this product is a holy grail for many but at the price point of $100 for 2.5 oz Р$290 for 11 oz I knew it would never be an item that I could manage to splurge on. It is said to quicken your cell renewal and reverse time for aging skin. Given that both of these claims are will long time use I can not state that this product does as promised. However, I can say that it leaves your skin looking instantly refreshed.

Viktor & Rolf  Given the crazy amount of size options this perfume is very popular. It smells of fresh flowers mixed with the musk of a woody vanilla. The scent would be beautiful for a romantic night out or just an everyday perfume. The price point starts at $30 for 0.33 oz and up to $215 for 5 oz.

HourGlass Veil Mineral Primer If you are familiar with my blog you already know that this is a favorite and I am always pleased to get a sample. Especially with the price tag of $54 for 1 oz.This primer adds a beautiful layer to build your foundation upon it is not pore filling of silicone feeling in any way which I love! It is moisturizing and light weight with minimal fragrance. I, however, do wish that Sephora had picked a different product, I understand that this product is a cult favorite as well as a luxury product but this product has also been on the Sephora point perks options and been around for some time.

AmorePacific Rejuvenating Creme    The final product in our play box. Amorepacific is a newer brand to me, that is part of the Korean skin care movement, I love their moisture facial spray. Their rejuvenating creme is rich and thick with a spa like luxurious feel. The price for this product is $150 for 1.7 oz. personally, I was underwhelmed for the price tag. It does a great job but I do not find this item to be splurge worthy.

All right everyone you made it through to the end! It was a long post this time but it has some much-needed detail. If you got your hands on the all-star box I would love to know your opinion.