HELLO my loves !!!! I have officially been gone for three weeks from my blog! miss me? you can always keep up with my on Instagram staceybeth459! I will always try to keep you guys up to date on there as much as possible. Follow me throughout the day my day and much more! which I was gone once again our family has grown ! can not believe we have hit almost 6,000 in just about 6 months of blogging you guys seriously rock my socks! let’s keep it up for a goal of 15,000 by the end of the year !!! I know that we can do it  :).

So .. where exactly have I been? well, the honest truth is everywhere! I had the pleasure of going home for 2 whole weeks and when I got back It was finals week for school but my one week of summer break is finally here not kidding taking summer classes is a bust :/ but I figure that It will be worth it in the end.  While I was gone I explored hang town ( Placerville), got to experience a little gold rush, ended up exploring the Sacramento train museum, hoped over to Tahoe for the weekend and see my beautiful niece turn 1. It has been a crazy few weeks ! not to mention Doug drove 9 hours to surprise me because he has never met my family in all this time that we have been together! I know crazy!

The format for this post will be in slide show due to the mass amount of pictures

The train museum was one of the most amazing and educational experiences that I have ever had! Doug and I love to go to museums and aquariums whenever we travel. Even though we were in my hometown that is no different.

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Tahoe ! we explored the emerald bay, fallen leaf lake and a Viking castle, well we looked at the castle anyways lol. My family has gone to Tahoe for years every summer as a family tradition with my dad’s family. Once his family got so big, we finally had to change to just our immediate family! It was a blast and I am already excited for next summer.

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The best part of our Tahoe trip? It may have been cold and windy the whole trip but we got surprised by a beautiful few inches of snow on our last day in Tahoe!





This week it was my birthday! I have always loved birthdays I think they are so special a day to appreciate someone in a special way and an excuse to eat cake? count me in lol. To celebrate turning 22 I got to explore a few different lava caves in Bend that recently opened for the summer went out to breakfast and dinner with friends and had an all around great day!

Breakfast at the Victoria Cafe in Bend


A hop over to mothers cafe for an after breakfast smoothie


Lava Lands

Cave Exploreation

And finally dinner

My 22nd birthday was nothing short of amazing.


here is to another year of crazy adventures



Hello loves, and welcome back to my blog. This week I have an awesome review for you. If you haven’t noticed from my blog already I love to support other bloggers and vloggers by reviewing their products and giving you my true opinion of the products that they put out. This palette is the second edition of Carli’s first product however with this palette she launched her makeup company! I can not wait to support this incredible beauty guru as she continues on her journey in the business world. For disclosure, I did purchase this palette myself and this review is true to my opinion. Now, let’s jump into the review.


Packaging: A beautiful white a gray coloring with a gold embossed title, it presents extremely well as well as feeling very sturdy. Keep in mind this is not a high-end palette so it is a thicker cardboard, similar to the BH baked shadows palettes.


My personal favorite part of the packaging. I believe this is why most vloggers and bloggers start to be able to teach and help other people by letting them into their lives and seeing their struggle. Truly a  beautiful concept.




Left To RIght

Row One : matte peach , metalic peach , matte medium brown ,  metallics magenta with gold flecks, a metallic rose gold with gold flecks.


Row 2

metallic frosty pink , matte light brown , matte mauve , metalic tan , matte with sparkles chocolate brown.


Row 3

matte skin color shade , metallic light gold , matte warm medium brown , metallic bronze , matte cool tone dark brown



Highlighters and Bronzers

A true gold, a champagne , a light pink , a bright white , a tan , and copper.

Review :

This palette has some serious hit and misses. No palette will have everything perfect.

Where the top row is very light in pigment the magenta with gold flecks stained my wrist as well as my fingers

however, I did not see much color pay off which truly left me confused.Some of the matte eyeshadows have a glitter spray over, nothing to be alarmed of just a technique that companies use to make a palette more presentable. These shadows have a ton of fall out and the pans are deep set which I find to be a little weird.  Pros are the cost do I think this palette is a great bang for your buck as long as you understand that it has some quirks. The highlights are amazing !!seriously some of the best that the drug store has to offer. At the end of the day, it is a well-balanced palette that I think will be great for travel. I approve this palette and highly recommend adding it to your home collection.

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! I have something very exciting to announce! along with my blog posts which are posted on Thursdays and Sundays! I will now be trying to film some youtube tutorials for you guys! If you a technique that you are trying to learn and would love to see a video on it! please let me know :).

So I love a new cleansing oil my ride of die lately has been the clinique take the day off balm seriously though this stuff is amazing and I recently got a deluxe sample of the Boscia cleansing oil.  I am already going to take the time to compare these two products, so why not keep you all involved.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 

Price $29

Amount of product 3.8 oz

Solutions for Dryness

For every skin type

Smell light scent like vaseline

Boscia Melter Cleansing Oil – Balm 

Price $32

Amount of product 3oz

Solutions for Pores , Oil, dryness

For every skin type

Smell like my childhood garage. It honestly smells like sawdust mixed with wet paint …

Comparing :

Both of these two products did a wonderful job at taking off my makeup. A major difference to me is the amount and the scents. the Boscia is only  3 oz compared to almost 4 and a little more in cost than the clinique and the scent may not be for everyone to me in was nostalgic and made me happy but to my friend, it was repulsive and over powering. I would say go with the clique given its light and airy scent and bang for your buck! Have any more products that you want me to compare? let me know !

XOXO Stacey

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Hello, my loves and welcome back to my blog.Today we will be discussing my first experience with Kylie Cosmetics as well as review her new KKW collab with her sister Kim Kardashian West.

Just so you know I purchased this collection on my own and I was on the computer seriously the second that these launched on the site. They sent me to a waiting room which makes sense so that the site doesn’t crash. It took awhile to get through, my only critique was that they way they have it set up is that you wait with no guarantee of being able to actually get to your cart. I personally prefer the method of waiting for the site to load, instead of having me put an item in my cart and not letting me check out. However I did end up getting through without any issues and I applaud their efforts of trying to appease their customers.

When opening the box the first thing I noticed was the ” Hand Written” letter from Kim announcing the Collaboration and explaining her part of the collab and what to expect from the product.

The collection has 4 liquid lipsticks.  A downside to this collection is that they can not be purchased individually currently, maybe they will break the bundle apart in the future. I feel that it is important to state that these are not a matte liquid lipstick they will dry down but not fully matte, and they are NOT TRANSFER PROOF. If you are looking for a matte transfer proof liquid lipstick my favorite formula is Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  The formula for the Kylie Cosmetics is light and fluffy almost whipped in texture. They do not smell and they glide on like a dream. They are extremely pigmented as well. The packaging as you can see is beautiful. Her product is well represented and for the price point feels very luxurious to me. If you are fair in skin tone I believe these will look beautiful on you in you are a slightly darker complexion these may be a pass for you. Now lets get into swatches.


Left to Right

Kimberly, Kimmie, Kim, and Kiki



Thanks for reading


Hello my loves and welcome back to the blog. This week we will be talking all about my April favorites! I love the month of April because to me it means spring and no more snow, don’t get me wrong I love the snow, however, a girl can only be cold for so long. I also have the urge to start wearing those seriously cute cold shoulder tops! Want to see a spring/ summer fashion haul? let a girl know :).As always links are on the title of the products! Happy reading

Skin Care:

Clean And Clear: 60-second shower mask.

I absolutely love the purity 1 minutes mask and I have been trying to find a drugstore dupe. Well, maybe not a dupe but a product that makes my skin feel and look the same in reality around 60 seconds. This month I was blessed to find the clean and clear 60-second shower mask. It smells of eucalyptus and makes my whole body feel relaxed a refreshed and I have noticed a serious difference in my skin. I love the tingle sensation in the shower and that it makes my face clean so quickly. I have to be sure to follow this product with a moisturizer otherwise it will dry out my skin.

Ole Henricks: Lemon Strip Flash Peel 

Forewarning this product will make your face more sensitive to the sun so please follow-up with an SPF in the morning! nothing is worse than a sunburn oww! When my facialist cant fit me in as my pores are huge and in need of some serious love this is what I reach for, this mask is most definitely not mild, it will get in there and make some serious changes happen! I wake up in the morning with baby soft skin however just like with any peel you will probably experience some redness right after so I would omit from using it right before a big event.

Cane And Austin: Acene Retexture Pads 

If you have texture that you can not get rid of and are looking for a smoother surface on your face these right here will become your best friends since these pack a hefty price tag I only use mine about twice a week and I cut the pads in half to save money as well as old trick I used to use with my oxy pads back in high school. I noticed results within 2 weeks of using these and I could not believe the results these truly do change the texture of your skin. They have some targeted for every skin type to see the ultimate results!


Mark Jacobs: Rah Rah and Sugar Sugar Lipgloss 

I am a sucker for a mint glossy lip! especially in summer! I love feeling the slight tingle of the mint and how it makes your body feel colder. These are my favorite formula! I also love the buxom ones as well! the glossier the better.

Becca cosmetics: prosecco pop highlighter 

For summer a crave a golden highlight and this shade is perfect! It is a light golden shade that is perfect for light to medium skin. Which I find hard to find I was ecstatic when I found out that Becca made this color permanent.

That is all for now








Hello, my loves! This is something new for my blog I will be doing a haul of the good that I got at the Sephora sale. This sale is open to everyone who is a VIB member at Sephora. It is free to sign up and I highly recommend. This sale is where I typically stock up on my favorite items and always pick a few new fun things to try. I hope that you enjoy this post and thank you for reading.

Stock ups:

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray: My holy grail best friend especially with warm weather right around the corner. The new packaging on the product is amazing out with the white bottle which was prone to stains and in with a sleek purple color which will hopefully be more stain resistant. The spray is not a fine mist, however, it won’t poke your eye out either, it has a faint chemical scent but I can forgive that since it truly keeps your makeup on all day long even in the heat. Especially when using the makeup sandwich. I will go further into the technique on a different post.

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara:  I know I have mentioned this one on my blog before so to keep it less redundant I love this product and I needed a new one. A kind reminder that it’s important to throw away that mascara tube every 6 months!

A little something new:

Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss: I recently used my perk points to purchase a sample of the Marc Jacobs lip gloss in the shade Rah Rah a beautiful coral color that is perfect for spring!  I fell in love with the formula and decided that I needed to have a full-sized product I ended up with the shade sugar sugar it is a beautiful oh so sparkly nude. A simple new staple in my makeup collection.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops: This product is similar to most of the other liquid highlighters on the market, in all honesty, I didn’t see anything extremely special about it. The glow is beautiful as you can see in my swatch. And it is fabulous to use underneath a powder highlighter to make your highlight glow from the heavens. I got mine in the shade celestial if you are going to purchase one of these I would highly recommend getting a more unique shade.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter And Glow: most definitely a youtube made me buy it… I couldn’t help myself they just look so beautiful. Where the glitter on camera looks finer in person it is rather chunky. But to be honest this bad boy seriously packs a punch weather all over the lid or just a tad in the center to really make your eyes pop.

Make Up Forever Star Lit Liquid: I originally was looking for the star lit powder, however, they were sold out in the shade that I wanted so I took a gamble and I went for the liquid version. I have noticed that I love this product blended out and would most definitely recommend building in small layers instead of packing it on. It is beautiful as an eye base, or full-color shadow, or a highlight. I consider this product a hidden gem from Sephora.


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