Suja Juice Renewal Cleanse

My life has been go go go lately  and I needed to take a moment for myself. I decided to be brave and try a juice cleanse. My sister has done plenty of them and has been my encouragement through this whole thing! Seriously my big sister is the best. I have been staring at … Continue reading Suja Juice Renewal Cleanse


Introducing Ms. Daisy

Hello loves! And welcome back to my blog! If you follow me on Insta which is @staceybeth459. You should be familiar with this sweet little face. She is a 9 week old mini lop rabbit. And little sister to our sweet Beastie. Adding another rabbit to the family was always the plan, even before I … Continue reading Introducing Ms. Daisy


Hello loves and welcome back to my blog. My 2018 was going great after all it had only been about a week. Doug and I had just fostered a sweet new little bunny rabbit making us officially a family of four! and we were seeing if maybe she would be worth keeping. Unfortunately, she passed away … Continue reading 2018