Review : Origins original skin retexturing mask with rose clay

Quote : your makeup only looks as good as its canvas

I am a skin care freak! I am all about my skin , my skin care routine is a bit intense for a 20 year old ; or so my friends tell me at least.

I have tested many products over the years and one of my all time favorite brands is origins, there products are so gentle yet so effective. To be full honest I cant get enough!

The original skin retexturing mask with rose clay for origins is a face mask from the gods! I would compare it to the Tarte amazonian clay face mask , except this one is even better. I was hoping that it would mess like rose and was rather disappointed when it didn’t, I am a sucker for anything rose scented. It is a very powerful, yet gentle exfoliator ( jojoba beads) . It also contains mediterranean rose clay and Canadian Willowherb. I have combination skin and I use it on my oily and ,y dry days with no complaints.  It battles my deepest acne and helps give my skin a radiant glow. It truly makes it look like butter. It doesn’t look dry or oil, just perfectly content . I use this mask twice a week to receive optimal results. If you are in the mark for a new mask, I highly recommend

this one

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