Organic Feminine Care and why I Made the Switch

Okay so lets be honest what is this whole ” organic tampon” shindig all about. When I first heard about these all I thought was great another expensive gimmick that I don’t wish to partake it.Boy oh boy was I wrong and I am happy to admit it.
Of all the things in my life that I thought would be one day organic I never though it would be my feminine care products .

I have a friend who has been telling me about these for years, but being the hoarder that I am and only purchase body care things once a year! its a lot cheaper and saves me tons of time! but we can get into that later. I never made the plug of switching. For a few reasons.

A regular box of tampons is 7$ for a count of 50, making them 14 cents a piece. which doesn’t sound bad. Organic Tampons cost 7$ for a unit of 16 making them 43 cents a piece. A normal box of pads is 7$ for 34 making them 20 cents a piece. Organic pads go for 10 for 6$ making them 60 cent a piece. Yikes! That is quite a big difference.

I am the kind of person who will not purchase something in the body care region unless it is in bulk , because in most cases it can cut the cost nearly in half. At target boxes of pads and tampons are buy 2 get 1 free, which makes them around 9 cents a piece for tampons and 13 cents a piece for pads. Organic tampons can be bundled at honest company, for 5 boxes for 35$. Tampons then go for 20 cents a piece, and pads go for 50 cents a piece.
Where the bulking may not have helped as much as needed, it still makes a difference.

Chemicals: let me be clear I am not a scientist, but as far as I am concerned this is common knowledge.

Rayon, an artificial fiber , that is deemed to a be semi synthetic fiber due to its process, mostly cellulose fiber.

Dioxin, highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, may cause some damage to the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer. Dioxin is a result of the bleaching process, but is not a traceable level in most tampons, however still present.

others include, aluminum , chlorine, and the fragrance for those who prefer scented tampons, or pads.

Waste: Where I may not be the most environmental person out there, I’ll be honest. I do try to somewhat do my part. I try to avoid using plastic bags, and plastic water bottles, so why should my tampons be any different. There are landfills full of those lovely plastic applicators that we all know so well. Switching to organic helped me make my footprint a little more green.

Bottom line, choose which one is the best for you but the idea of having all of those chemical in my body down right freaks me out and since tampons are a relatively new thing and there is not research on the prolonged usage of what they do to our body, I figure its best to at least use the ones without chemicals for now.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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