Review: Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub

Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub, or should I say my newest obsession! This product is amazing! I have dry to combination skin depends on the weather. I have been testing this guy out for about a month, because before I blog I must do research .I  am not a big first impressions kind of girl. I want to recommend a tried and true product to my subscribers.

Pros : The product is a powder , looks just like baking soda. Dissolves quickly so you can’t over scrub. Extremely gentle on the skin. A lovely fresh scent. Travel Friendly. Great for all skin types.

Cons: Much like other Biore products, it is hard to get a hold of in store, my target has been sold out for quiet sometime.

Usage : I have been using this product every night as my daily cleanser, I use a different cleanser in the morning. It is great just before a face mask or on its own as part of your usual skin care routine. I usual wet my face and then apply a nickel sized amount into my palm and add a little water, I Prefer a thicker paste, but can delude for more of a less harsh treatment if that is a better option for you. It is great for every skin type and a steel because it’s from the drug store! I love how universal this product is for everyone and at such a great price. I recommend it if you are on the hunt for a great drug store find or just are in the mood to mix things up.



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