Review: Kerastraight Treatment

Kerastraight is a smoothing treatment that can be found at your local Ulta Salon. I have been tempted to do this treatment for years, but have always been apprehensive. My hair has always been curly and wild , much like a lion’s mane :). Where I love my hair I have always wished that it would be straighter. Lets be honest here we all want what we can’t have. After butchering my hair for years with a flat-iron ( with a heat protectant)  my hair was dull, defeated, dry, choppy and horrible. In need of some major TLC.

A few things to know before getting a Keratin Treatment. This is a SMOOTHING TREATMENT! not a straightening  treatment. You can dye your hair two days before, or two days after. Along with the cost of the actual treatment, also expect to have to invest in high-end shampoo and conditioner. Specifically the Kerastraight shampoo, or Pureology , they are formulated without sulfate and sodium chloride, which will break down the keratin treatment and not allow it to last as long as it should which is 6-12 weeks.Your treatment is also not guarnteed by the salon unless you are using these products.

The process of the keratin treatment was a long one, so trust me when  I say bring snacks. At a whooping 6 hrs this is not for the light hearted.The treatment was also not cheap around 185 , which for me was something to save for, definitely not a splurge. First off, they examine your and hair and see how much kerastraight they think that your hair will need, the first bottle is 100$ and each additional bottle is 22$. My hair is about a foot and a half, course, and sucks up anything moisturizing like crazy so for me it took two bottles. Next we moved on to the clarifying shampoo, they leave this in your hair for about 10 minutes, next they rinse it out. Dry your hair to 80% and then they start with the treatment. For me this took about a good three hours, including the 45 minutes of wait time once the treatment has been fully applied to your hair. The next step is to rinse out the treatment and add a moisture block, to help lock in the treatment even more. Now on to the locking in of the treatment. They will dry your hair to about 110% just to be sure! because flat ironing wet hair is extremely damaging to your hair. The final step is to flat-iron it super super super sleek straight! try to keep in mind that once you wash it , it will not longer be sleek straight because when I first saw it I was shocked.

The results , first off I noticed a giant difference in texture. My hair has always been far to coarse to get into knots before, and now I find them every day lol. It is much easier to straighten my hair, and it actually stays straight for more then 10 minutes at a time now, it is wonderful!

Have you gotten a keratin ? Let me know in the comments below! have any questions? ask away!





XOXO stacey

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