Life Update

Hello friends:)

I feel as if it has been a very long time since I have jumped on the computer just to talk to you, rather than review a beauty product. Today I felt the need just to come say hello and chit-chat and give you all a current update. I have made some huge transitions these past few months, for starters I moved out of my best friends home and I now live in my very own apartment which was a giant step of independence for me. I also have the best roommate in the whole wide world! My Rabbit lol named Beastie. I have done a few blog posts about her if you are interested in learning more about her.

I have gone from working around 70 hours a week with 12 credits to only one job and working 40 hours a week! It is incredibly weird to have all of this time on my hands to be fully honest  I find myself getting bored a lot now, but I am savoring the silence.

I also have the joy of turning 21! WHOOP WHOOP no I did not go to Vegas lol. Instead I had the joy of being able to go home for a whole week which was like pure heaven and spend my birthday with those that I love the most, my family . My parents and I venuted to Napa to go to Bouchon! what better place then to get birthday treats, I showed them around Yountville we saw The French Laundry as well as Ad Hoc.  From there we jumped over to Santa Cruz and hit up The Boardwalk along with The Giant Dipper and our final stop was Montery Ray. So I guess you could say my 21st Birthday was a day to remember!




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