Flying over Crater Lake National Park

This week has been a world wind of crazy adventures! but what else is summer all about. Even though I am working full-time and still taking full credits ( yes I know I’ve been told I’m crazy ) I still have to make time for some fun! Which is where my blog comes in. I find myself loving constantly sharing the adventures that I go on or the things that I am loving I view it as some what of a personal diary for where I am currently in life.

My best friend Doug decided to surprise me with a beyond crazy adventure this week! He told me to meet him at our local airport in bend and that we were going on an adventure! He is a pilot and had the itch to fly and I was luck enough to get to join him on a once and a life time adventure. We got a 182 Cessna out to Crater Lake National Park! It was so beautiful I had to blink several times! I have gone flying a few times with Doug now and the adventures just keep getting better:). Did you do anything crazy fun this week? comment down below 🙂




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