Oh my goodness where has time gone? I feel as if it has been forever since I have posted on here! Whoops I suppose life has gotten the best of me. However I have had quite a few lovely adventures lately that make it all worth it.

Education: I am half way through my Oregon transfer degree which for me is huge! I have been going to school since march and have had a lot of my classes from my previous degree ( Baking And Pastry Arts) transfer over for which I feel truly blessed. It is saving me a ton of $$$$. Which every broke college student knows is a great thing :). I currently plan to start at a major university in fall 2017 I have not made any choices yet as to what university that will be but I am excited for the adventure that is ahead.

Work : I of course am still working a minimum of 50 hrs Ā a week as well as taking my 17 credits, I know, I am crazy , but not sorry šŸ™‚ I have priorities and will have more time to play around when I am older . Yes I am aware its supposed to be the opposite lol oh well šŸ™‚ I have always been a black sheep anyways

Recent adventures: I was lucky enough to have two of my all time favorite people come visit me a week or two ago ! My parents, To be honest I never hit that whole rebellious I hate my parents stage and I have always seen them as my two guiding pillars with me to support me and be my safety net as needed. They are the reason I feel that I am safe to be adventurous and live in another state. With out there support I would have never had the guts. We got to adventure all around bend and we even choose to spend a day in sisters. It was a fantastic visit and of course I look forward to them coming back, but I am more anxious to go home . I have a 3 month old niece that I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, but let me tell you she is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!


Any who Ā I think that is all for now šŸ™‚

talk to you soon I hope



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