My haircare routine

I have done a few posts about my hair, and I have had some requests to do an all inclusive post about the products that I love the most. With winter coming around it seemed the perfect time to share all of my secrets with you.

A major change for me has been going a longer time in between washes, I now wash my hair about once a week- a week and a half ( calm down I still shower) . This has vastly improved my hair. I also now only have to straighten it roughly that much as well which helps a lot because hot tools are terrible for your hair. I am also a fan of hair masks now but we will discuss that later.

Shampoo, whenever I get my hair done they always say to go with a sulfate and paraben free shampoo. When I look for a shampoo I am looking for something with a light scent, moisturizing, and one that does not leave my hair feeling stripped.  When I tried Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Shampoo it was love at first wash. The formula has not parabens, however, it does have sulfates which personally I prefer, I just feel cleaner with bubbles. I know its all in my head, but it’s how I feel lol. I buy mine in the 33.8 FL oz size, and I have had my bottle for just about a year now and I just bought a backup for when I run out. A little goes a long with this bottle. One of the many reasons why I fell in love with it. This shampoo is literally magic it makes my hair so soft and silky without making my hair oily or greasy! it truly is a miracle worker. I also run out of the conditioner the same time as the shampoo which never happens for me! I always have to buy two bottles of conditioner to one bottle of shampoo.img_0091

Conditioner, you guessed it I am obsessed with the Hydrasource conditioning Balm, as well as the Hydrasource hair mask. These two are a combination that I can not live without! I switch them every time that I wash my hair and it makes a huge difference.The reason this conditioner and I are inseparable is because it leaves my hair sooo soft, without making my hair oily. who knew that was a possibility because I had no idea. It even makes my hair stay soft for a whole week and my hair has never done that before this product!


Leave in conditioner, When in comes to leave in conditioner , believe me when I say that I have tried just about all of them! my all time favorite has to be it’s a 10 ! I use the plus keratin formula, but any and all of them are fantastic. After I get out of the shower and have slightly towel dried my hair I will put 2 pumps of the product into my hands and focus mainly on my ends, and bring the remaining product up stopping at just above my shoulders.img_0092

Argan Oil, I love the GK Keratin argan oil! It is great for adding extra shine and strength to my hair while taming those crazy flyaways. I apply this right after my its a 10 conditioner, and all it a day! I will also apply after styling my hair,and when a little extra moisture is needed.

  • not pictured, I threw my bottle out by accident and I am testing new products to review for you so I have yet to repurchase.

Tip: If you are buying salon quality products make sure that they are from a salon! there are many knockoffs out there.

Thanks for reading



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