Pre-Thanksgiving Adventure

Since I do not have the luxury of going home this year of Thanksgiving, I decided to make a trip home before the holiday festivities started. It was a big week in my family, it was my grandfather’s 85th birthday, my nephew cole’s 3rd birthday and my brother’s 32nd birthday. Which I feel forever blessed that I got to celebrate with them.

My trip home was as always filled with fantastic adventures, and it started out a bit on the rocky side, however, I almost was unable to land in Sacramento due to fog, and almost got rerouted to San Jose! but by the luck of the draw, the sun was peeking through by the time it was time to land.

First on the agenda was to go visit my grandfather for his 85th birthday. My grandfather and I are extremely close, he is one of the strongest men  I know and  I am very blessed to have in my life. He is a very big part of my safety net which has allowed me to soar my wings. Being away from him has not been easy, but facetime most definitely helps.

Later that week was my nephew Cole’s birthday. I can not believe that he is turning 3  he is so smart and handsome. I am so proud to be his Auntie! This year he is super into paw patrol, having no idea what that show is oh course we had a paw patrol marathon so I could be in the loop. Being the pastry chef of the family I got to make him his cake and in my opinion, it turned out rather adorable 🙂

And of course, we always end up on a road trip .. because my family has a weird obsession with driving. This time we also ended up in Monterey and we went to the beautiful aquarium.


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