Review : Tarte 911 Rescue Under Eye Rescue Patches

I am forever grateful for weird little jelly things that I can stick under my eyes when I have had a long day and banish wrinkles and dark circles. You can bet that I have tried just about all of them. I am always a sucker for samples and trying new products! Seriously I am such a product junkie, it’s fantastic ( unless you are my wallet).



I bought these as an impulse purchase when I was on My favorite place of course ! which is very dangerous. I was enticed by the beautiful aqua blue and purple packaging! What a beautiful and eye-catching combination. After pacing at my door waiting for my Sephora package they finally arrived!

The first thing I did was stick these lovely new friends in the fridge, seems a little mean,  I know, but they work best when they are cold trust me.

After cleansing my face with my favorite face wash which at this point is still the Esthetic Arts soothing peppermint gel cleanser it is time to move on to the Tarte mask.

The instant feeling of cold under my eyes is a great for depuffing and banishing those pesky dark circles.

I find myself doing these masks only on occasion when I find that I wake up and more or less look like I got zero sleep last night. They are a great pick me up for those terrible skin mornings. I have very quickly fallen in love with this product.

Before img_0454




You can clearly see a difference in my before and after! hardly and dark circles and my under eyes look so refreshed!

Have you tried out the Tarte under eye masks? what are your thoughts? Please let me know below !



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