April Favorites

Hello my loves and welcome back to the blog. This week we will be talking all about my April favorites! I love the month of April because to me it means spring and no more snow, don’t get me wrong I love the snow, however, a girl can only be cold for so long. I also have the urge to start wearing those seriously cute cold shoulder tops! Want to see a spring/ summer fashion haul? let a girl know :).As always links are on the title of the products! Happy reading

Skin Care:

Clean And Clear: 60-second shower mask.

I absolutely love the purity 1 minutes mask and I have been trying to find a drugstore dupe. Well, maybe not a dupe but a product that makes my skin feel and look the same in reality around 60 seconds. This month I was blessed to find the clean and clear 60-second shower mask. It smells of eucalyptus and makes my whole body feel relaxed a refreshed and I have noticed a serious difference in my skin. I love the tingle sensation in the shower and that it makes my face clean so quickly. I have to be sure to follow this product with a moisturizer otherwise it will dry out my skin.

Ole Henricks: Lemon Strip Flash Peel 

Forewarning this product will make your face more sensitive to the sun so please follow-up with an SPF in the morning! nothing is worse than a sunburn oww! When my facialist cant fit me in as my pores are huge and in need of some serious love this is what I reach for, this mask is most definitely not mild, it will get in there and make some serious changes happen! I wake up in the morning with baby soft skin however just like with any peel you will probably experience some redness right after so I would omit from using it right before a big event.

Cane And Austin: Acene Retexture Pads 

If you have texture that you can not get rid of and are looking for a smoother surface on your face these right here will become your best friends since these pack a hefty price tag I only use mine about twice a week and I cut the pads in half to save money as well as old trick I used to use with my oxy pads back in high school. I noticed results within 2 weeks of using these and I could not believe the results these truly do change the texture of your skin. They have some targeted for every skin type to see the ultimate results!


Mark Jacobs: Rah Rah and Sugar Sugar Lipgloss 

I am a sucker for a mint glossy lip! especially in summer! I love feeling the slight tingle of the mint and how it makes your body feel colder. These are my favorite formula! I also love the buxom ones as well! the glossier the better.

Becca cosmetics: prosecco pop highlighter 

For summer a crave a golden highlight and this shade is perfect! It is a light golden shade that is perfect for light to medium skin. Which I find hard to find I was ecstatic when I found out that Becca made this color permanent.

That is all for now







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