Kylie Cosmetics: KKW Review

Hello, my loves and welcome back to my blog.Today we will be discussing my first experience with Kylie Cosmetics as well as review her new KKW collab with her sister Kim Kardashian West.

Just so you know I purchased this collection on my own and I was on the computer seriously the second that these launched on the site. They sent me to a waiting room which makes sense so that the site doesn’t crash. It took awhile to get through, my only critique was that they way they have it set up is that you wait with no guarantee of being able to actually get to your cart. I personally prefer the method of waiting for the site to load, instead of having me put an item in my cart and not letting me check out. However I did end up getting through without any issues and I applaud their efforts of trying to appease their customers.

When opening the box the first thing I noticed was the ” Hand Written” letter from Kim announcing the Collaboration and explaining her part of the collab and what to expect from the product.

The collection has 4 liquid lipsticks.  A downside to this collection is that they can not be purchased individually currently, maybe they will break the bundle apart in the future. I feel that it is important to state that these are not a matte liquid lipstick they will dry down but not fully matte, and they are NOT TRANSFER PROOF. If you are looking for a matte transfer proof liquid lipstick my favorite formula is Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  The formula for the Kylie Cosmetics is light and fluffy almost whipped in texture. They do not smell and they glide on like a dream. They are extremely pigmented as well. The packaging as you can see is beautiful. Her product is well represented and for the price point feels very luxurious to me. If you are fair in skin tone I believe these will look beautiful on you in you are a slightly darker complexion these may be a pass for you. Now lets get into swatches.


Left to Right

Kimberly, Kimmie, Kim, and Kiki



Thanks for reading


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