Battle Of The Cleansing Oils

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! I have something very exciting to announce! along with my blog posts which are posted on Thursdays and Sundays! I will now be trying to film some youtube tutorials for you guys! If you a technique that you are trying to learn and would love to see a video on it! please let me know :).

So I love a new cleansing oil my ride of die lately has been the clinique take the day off balm seriously though this stuff is amazing and I recently got a deluxe sample of the Boscia cleansing oil.  I am already going to take the time to compare these two products, so why not keep you all involved.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 

Price $29

Amount of product 3.8 oz

Solutions for Dryness

For every skin type

Smell light scent like vaseline

Boscia Melter Cleansing Oil – Balm 

Price $32

Amount of product 3oz

Solutions for Pores , Oil, dryness

For every skin type

Smell like my childhood garage. It honestly smells like sawdust mixed with wet paint …

Comparing :

Both of these two products did a wonderful job at taking off my makeup. A major difference to me is the amount and the scents. the Boscia is only  3 oz compared to almost 4 and a little more in cost than the clinique and the scent may not be for everyone to me in was nostalgic and made me happy but to my friend, it was repulsive and over powering. I would say go with the clique given its light and airy scent and bang for your buck! Have any more products that you want me to compare? let me know !

XOXO Stacey

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