Review: Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette

Hello loves, and welcome back to my blog. This week I have an awesome review for you. If you haven’t noticed from my blog already I love to support other bloggers and vloggers by reviewing their products and giving you my true opinion of the products that they put out. This palette is the second edition of Carli’s first product however with this palette she launched her makeup company! I can not wait to support this incredible beauty guru as she continues on her journey in the business world. For disclosure, I did purchase this palette myself and this review is true to my opinion. Now, let’s jump into the review.


Packaging: A beautiful white a gray coloring with a gold embossed title, it presents extremely well as well as feeling very sturdy. Keep in mind this is not a high-end palette so it is a thicker cardboard, similar to the BH baked shadows palettes.


My personal favorite part of the packaging. I believe this is why most vloggers and bloggers start to be able to teach and help other people by letting them into their lives and seeing their struggle. Truly a  beautiful concept.




Left To RIght

Row One : matte peach , metalic peach , matte medium brown ,  metallics magenta with gold flecks, a metallic rose gold with gold flecks.


Row 2

metallic frosty pink , matte light brown , matte mauve , metalic tan , matte with sparkles chocolate brown.


Row 3

matte skin color shade , metallic light gold , matte warm medium brown , metallic bronze , matte cool tone dark brown



Highlighters and Bronzers

A true gold, a champagne , a light pink , a bright white , a tan , and copper.

Review :

This palette has some serious hit and misses. No palette will have everything perfect.

Where the top row is very light in pigment the magenta with gold flecks stained my wrist as well as my fingers

however, I did not see much color pay off which truly left me confused.Some of the matte eyeshadows have a glitter spray over, nothing to be alarmed of just a technique that companies use to make a palette more presentable. These shadows have a ton of fall out and the pans are deep set which I find to be a little weird.  Pros are the cost do I think this palette is a great bang for your buck as long as you understand that it has some quirks. The highlights are amazing !!seriously some of the best that the drug store has to offer. At the end of the day, it is a well-balanced palette that I think will be great for travel. I approve this palette and highly recommend adding it to your home collection.

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