HELLO my loves !!!! I have officially been gone for three weeks from my blog! miss me? you can always keep up with my on Instagram staceybeth459! I will always try to keep you guys up to date on there as much as possible. Follow me throughout the day my day and much more! which I was gone once again our family has grown ! can not believe we have hit almost 6,000 in just about 6 months of blogging you guys seriously rock my socks! let’s keep it up for a goal of 15,000 by the end of the year !!! I know that we can do it  :).

So .. where exactly have I been? well, the honest truth is everywhere! I had the pleasure of going home for 2 whole weeks and when I got back It was finals week for school but my one week of summer break is finally here not kidding taking summer classes is a bust :/ but I figure that It will be worth it in the end.  While I was gone I explored hang town ( Placerville), got to experience a little gold rush, ended up exploring the Sacramento train museum, hoped over to Tahoe for the weekend and see my beautiful niece turn 1. It has been a crazy few weeks ! not to mention Doug drove 9 hours to surprise me because he has never met my family in all this time that we have been together! I know crazy!

The format for this post will be in slide show due to the mass amount of pictures

The train museum was one of the most amazing and educational experiences that I have ever had! Doug and I love to go to museums and aquariums whenever we travel. Even though we were in my hometown that is no different.

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Tahoe ! we explored the emerald bay, fallen leaf lake and a Viking castle, well we looked at the castle anyways lol. My family has gone to Tahoe for years every summer as a family tradition with my dad’s family. Once his family got so big, we finally had to change to just our immediate family! It was a blast and I am already excited for next summer.

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The best part of our Tahoe trip? It may have been cold and windy the whole trip but we got surprised by a beautiful few inches of snow on our last day in Tahoe!




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