Review: July Birchbox

Hello, my loves! as you know I typically review my Sephora play box for you every month, however this month I will also be reviewing my Birchbox. This is my first time ever receiving a birch box and I could not be more excited. I clearly have an addiction for beauty boxes and I feel like I have tried a ton of them. If you would be interested in a run down of which beauty boxes that I feel are a great bang for your buck please feel free to comment down below.

The first thing that I noticed about my birch box was of course packaging. It came in a fun colored high-quality box with minimal packaging which I like. The products that you get are most definitely a mix. This month was a mix of well-known products and a few randoms that I truly question the quality on. Given that it is a mix you get to discover new products which are not so well known items. Have you tried Birchbox? are you planning to try after this review?



Oribe Beach Wave And Shine Spray: If you have ever used a salt spray you know how truly drying the product can be to your hair. That is why I fell in love with this product with the hefty price tag of $42 for the full size I knew it truly had to knock my socks off. This product claims to create perfect beachy waves by amping up the texture and nourishing your hair all while adding shine. It leaves your hair looking silky smooth but tousled and beachy at the same time. I also love that I don’t have to worry about drying out my hair with this product.

Marcelle: This is a gel moisturizer that truly wakes up your skin with its green tea and cucumber extracts. Which also makes it smell amazing! It is also infused with vitamin E and C. It is light weight, however, I only recommend using it in the morning given that it truly makes my face feel awake when I use it. The product also protects your skin from pollutants. Full size $27.

The Beauty Crop: this is a cream and powder blush duo. This is the product to me that was a total miss. My pan was falling out of the container the cream blush is so overly saturated with bright pink pigment and felt weirdly waxy. The powder blush had loads of fall out and was extremely chalky. Full size $10.

Beauty Protector: A leave in conditioner that also doubles as a heat protectant? count me it! I have been using this product daily and so far so good. It can also be used as a detangler as well. This multi use product is most definitely the highlight of this box. Full size $23.50

Arrow: A color boosting lip balm that reacts with your ph to create your perfect shade. I have truly never been a fan of these products. My body must have a very high ph because color changing products always tend to become a bold pink on me. Which is not really my style. However, it is very moisturizing so I use it before bed. Full size $14.



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