The Pros And Cons Of Beauty Bags

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. In the recent years, subscription boxes have taken off not just in the beauty world. At this day in age, you can just about get a box of anything delivered to your door step. Where this is awesome is it really worth it?

In the past, I have been subscribed to Allure, Ipsy, and Star subscription boxes. Currently, I am subscribed to Sephora Play and BirchBox. I love these two the most because I feel as if they actually take into account what I say in my introduction survey.  Now let’s jump into the list.


PRO #1 Discovering New Brands

I am always up for finding new products and brands that I love which are a huge bonus to these boxes. Plus the price is right they are typically 10-15$. In particular, I have found several hair care products like the IGK coconut gel that I would not have stumbled on with out these boxes.

CON #1 Repeat Products

As cool as it is to have makeup come to your door you never know what is in the box. That means you will be getting repeat products * cough cough* Smashbox primer… and some products that are not meant for your skin, or not a shade that you enjoy ect. Which could make these boxes feel like a gamble.

PRO #2 It is makeup at your door

Yes, I am a frequent Sephora online shopper, due to the fact that my tiny town seriously needs a makeup store really though any big investors out there? please put a Sephora in my town! I would be forever grateful. The subscription box is different it is 5-6 deluxe samples of products that I know is coming each month! as a beauty blogger, I take full advantage of this. Also if you are like me and love new stuff to play with but can’t always justify the price tag this is a great way to get that fix.

Con #2 Bags

Every single one of these boxes will have a makeup bag included.At first, it is great I put them in my purses filled with my must have products, I have a separate one for my lady time products, they are also great to give to friends as gifts. Then one day you are guilty of looking down at a drawer filled wondering how you have accumulated so many.


PRO #3 added bonuses

There is usually an added bonus in with the boxes which honestly makes them all the more worth it. you can get a discount at Birch box on the products that you loved from their box, as well as discounts on other products through their site. Sephora play on the other hand gives you extra play points for getting samples or saving for a huge beauty trip on Sephora!

Con #3 Little to no variety

These bags can give you hair masks 4 months in a row * cough * Sephora play. There is also a high chance if there is a product that you do not like to use for me it is face-primers, the chances of you getting one is rather frequent.

Con #4 The perfume

I am not typically a perfume girl and it may just be me, but I feel like when they come in those little bottles they seriously all smell the same. I am not sure why maybe my nose is broken but the perfume samples are always a disappointment to me.

At the end of the day, I do love my subscription boxes because of the variety that they offer me. However, if the price does jump up in the feature that would be a serious deterrent for me.I hope that you enjoyed my breakdown of the things that I love and don’t about these boxes.












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