Sephora Play:​ August

Hello !!!!! Welcome back to my blog! I have been seriously blogging my heart away lately because I am preparing for no internet! Yes, you read that right. Seriously though Oregon is preparing for Armageddon tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having a total eclipse of the sun. How incredibly cool that I get to live in Central Oregon and experience this beautiful natural phenomenon from my own back yard. That being said please for give me if I miss Sundays post.

Sephora continues to blow my mind every month with how they are stepping up their play box every month. I have been longing to try some of these products. They seriously knocked it out of the park.

Micro Beauty Blender: This little guy is honestly useless. Sorry if that seems harsh… but if I can even find it I drop it. The sponge is just too little to be practical. I do not find myself in need of a special tiny sponge just to blend out my concealer. The high price tag of $18 for two. I find this product to be a total waste of money.


Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil: The applicator on this product was not my favorite. I wish that it had bristles so that you could really work that product through the lashes. That being said it did a great job of getting off my water proof mascara. I did tip the bottle over and shake it to see if any oil would come out which it did not. At $17 I would personally just go with coconut oil.

Kat-Von-D Lock It Concealer: You can find this concealer in 24 different shades, it is vegan, and has a thick custard like consistency. I would compare it to the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. It did not crease and looked like my nautral skin only better.The price tag is $26, I would highly reccomend this product.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: Oh My Goodness! The smell of this product is seriously amazing it smells like warm vanilla sugar from bath and body work only less in your face and a little more musty. When ever I put this on after my shower I seriously feel like I am at a high end spa . It has helped to firm and tighten my skin in a short time. The price tag is a little pricey at $45 for 8.1 oz. However I am willing to pay for a product that works.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo:I am not a big dry shampoo user however lately I have been exploring more with my hair. After getting a terrible hair cut after not getting my hair cut for 2 years yes it is safe to say that I am scared. I use dry shampoo the morning after I wash my hair to prevent oil and dirt and add texture. This product does a great job! However it does have horrible dry cast so I recommend using the night before to really let the product sit in especially for those who have a darker hair color.

Kat-Von-D Saint And Sinner: Kat – Von -D brought back her famous perfume! I remember the video of her covering all of her tattoos for the first photo shoot of saint. Sadly my saint perfume did burst in my bag however it did smell amazing. Sinner is personally not for me.

Did you get this months  Play box? What are your thoughts?






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