Tag : What is in my bag

Hello! Today I decided to take one of my favorite Youtube tags and bring it to my blog! I am a seriously noisy person and let’s be honest as women, or men we are just curious about other people’s lives. I love finding out what people have in their bags so today we are going to jump into mine.

The Bag : Michael kors studio mercer large satchel

In my on the go makeup bag, I honestly don’t keep much I always keep a brow gel to keep my brows in order as well as my fly a ways in a pinch. A lip balm from Farmacy as well as a baby mist and fix from Makeup Forever.

Pacifica Purity coconut water cleansing wipes: I definitely do not wear a full glam face every day so I find it helpful to have these in my bag to freshen up my face. Especially after a long grueling day at work.

Quay  The actual glasses that I have are in the style flagship however they are discontinued so I have linked a similar style from Quay.

Tangle Teaser I love keeping this brush in my bag it is the only brush that I use I also have a large one for my home. It brushes through my thick and curly hair perfectly plus it has a cover so I don’t get hair all over my purse it is perfect.

Random Items: My Keys, Dutch Bros Eclipse sticker,  target coupons, a bag with feminine products ( striped bag). Yes, this is the real deal people nothing to hide here!





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