Splurge Or Purge: Butter London VS Maybelline​

Hello Loves! I am back with another splurge or purge! I love comparing high end vs drug store products! I feel that there is such a stigma around drug store products vs high end and I am here to put that to the test! I believe that some drug store products are out of this world and that some high-end products you truly do pay for the name.This week we have Butter London verse Maybelline.

The first contender Butter London Ruby: A soft and creamy luxurious lipstick. The first swipe leaves one wanting more, but the formula is very buildable. It is a creamy matte but it does have a sheen to it, so it really is not matte at all. It retails for $22.

The second contender Maybelline Divine Wine: This formula is a very drying matte lipstick formula. It has a beautiful red wine shade that is practically identical to that of Ruby Murry. The pigmentation is full on first swipe and at $7.50 it is a great deal. Plus it is drug store which means if you plan it right you can usually get one buy one get one 1/2 or free! Making this lipstick even more affordable.






To be honest except for the formula the shade is just about a perfect dupe! So I declare the winner to be the Maybelline Divine Wine!




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