Review: Sephora Over Night Hair Mask

Hello, my loves! And Welcome back to my blog. Today we will be reviewing the Sephora over night hair mask. This is a new launch for Sephora to go along with their at home spa line they also have a hand, foot, face, and even under eye masks. I picked up three of the hair masks and even though they are all targeted toward different things I found them relatively the same.

This product comes in packaging much like a typical hair mask, however, there is a bottom section that you rip off which contains an over night shower cap to protect your pillow and hair through out the night. I have found that it is not the comfiest for sleeping in but oh well.


Application: First off I need to address the smell! They all smell like playdough! And not in a good way, however, the smell does go away once you wash it out in the morning. Thank Goodness! Once you rinse it out style per usual and go about your day.


To be honest I was not blown away originally I thought okay this is just another product. I have found that my favorite way to use this product is like a hot oil treatment.  I melt it in the microwave with about 2 tbsp coconut oil and 2 tbsp olive oil and a tbsp honey. I combine all ingredients and whisk them until warm enough to touch. DO NOT APPLY TO SCALP HOT!!!! thoroughly coat your hair with the mask and then cover with the shower cap. I then used the blow drier for about 5 minutes to open the hair follicles and nourish the hair deep down. I then leave it over night as direct and rinsed it out in the morning. I  also tried the mask alone, and I found that this is my favorite way of doing it. The mask does make a difference in the final result I find that my hair is much softer when I add the mask versus just the oils.

A side from the play dough smell I can see these hair masks changing an at home spa night in my house as well as being very popular at a girls night. Have you tried these masks? I would love to hear your thoughts!







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