Review: GlamGlow Sheet Bubble Mask!

Hello loves, and welcome back to my blog. Today we will be reviewing the glam glow bubble sheet mask! I have always wanted to try a bubble mask, however, I never felt comfortable getting a mask from a foreign country off of Amazon and sticking it on my face. I knew that if I waited long enough it would eventually come to the states.

The price for the mask is $9 and it is for a single use sheet mask. The price is definitely up there for a sheet mask, especially one that is advertised for weekly use.Glam Glow, however, does have a reputation for higher end products. This product is directed towards correcting dull, and oily skin, but it is for all skin types. I have dry skin so I am interested to see if it dries out my face.

When taking the mask out of the package it already started to bubble slightly, because it is activated by oxygen. I noticed how soft and high quilty that the mask was it felt like I was putting a cotton t-shirt on my face it was thick and durable. You are supposed to leave the mask on for three minutes when I went back to the mirror holy cow! There were so many bubbles! It was such a thick layer. The instructions are to peel off the mask and then massage all of the existing bubbles into your skin and then rinse off your face. It took so long to wash my face because even after peeling off the mask there was so much reside. This is most definitely different than any sheet mask that I have ever experienced. It is almost a very intense soapy mask. After taking off the bubbles my skin felt insanely tight, I finished up with my usual skincare and moved on with my day.

My final thoughts on the product are that if you have dry skin or combination skin this product is a no go. It was so excessively bubbly that it felt as if washing my face was going to last forever. It was very rich and thick in foam which did feel luxurious, However, it was extremely drying. For me, this product is a pass.




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