Must-Have​ Fall Eyeshadows

Hello Loves! Welcome back to my blog. I am so excited for the season change the air is crisp and beautiful and we have snow here Oregon. I can hardly believe it! However, they say that it won’t last long given that we are expected to be back in the 80’s soon. I, however, am going to soak in every moment that I can.

Today we will be talking about my favorite fall single eyeshadows. I love single shadows because with a z palette you can make a palette custom to the colors that you love. All of the following shadows are vegan and cruelty-free


To me, these colors scream fall! Of course, there will be tutorials coming I have been checking out loads of other blogs seeing how they do tutorials in blog form. If you have any suggestions on blogs that I should check out please comment down below.


Swatches Left- Right:

MG = Makeup Geek $6-$10 Each

AB = Anastasia Beverly Hills  $12

Bitten (MG) , Latte ( MG) , Chocolate crumbles ( ABH) , Mesmerized (MG) , Orange Soda ( ABH) , Cocoa Bear (MG), Shimma Shimma (MG) , Legend (MG)


Enchanted Forest ( MG ), Typhoon (MG) , Moondust (MG) , Chiffon (ABH).

My must have transition shade from ABH which is orange soda it is so beautiful to warm up the eye in the most beautiful way. Latte can also serve as a beautiful crease shade on its own or in combination with orange soda or on its own.

Bitten, Cocoabear and enchanted forest are amazing for deeping up the outer v or smoking out the lower lash line for a super smokey look.

I am a sucker for an all over shimmer lid which is where I got to typhoon, legend or mesmerized.

For brow highlight or an inner corner highlight Shimma Shimma really pulls a look together.



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