Sephora Play: A Change Of Face

Hello Hello! As promised even though I did review the all-star edition of the Sephora Play Box I will also be reviewing the regular subscription box. My Sephora Play Box has most definitely become a staple of my month. I love being able to try the high-quality samples and mix up my makeup collection. The box retails for $10 and can be purchased on With every box that you purchase you get an extra 50 point perk card if you make an additional in-store purchase within the same month.

The box comes with six deluxe sized samples of products that of course, you can find at Sephora. This month the theme is a change of face which is helping us transition into the new colder weather that is just around the corner.


Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil: The Sephora brand for Sephora is one of their most affordable lines. But that does not mean that the products are a fail. Their brow pencil is actually one of my favorites. This month I have been testing out their waterproof liner they have an insane range of colors for $10 a piece. Which for a high-end product is a rocking deal! If you need an eyeliner that won’t break the bank look no further.

Benefit Give Me Brow: I use this product just about every single day! I even got my mom hooked on it. This product is a must-have for me and I love now having a backup tiny one for traveling.  This is great for no makeup days or full glam it makes my eyebrows look amazing. They have a mini size for $12 and a full sized for $24

Deva Curl Conditioning Mask: In case you haven’t noticed yes Sephora loves to send me hair masks.  My hair is obsessed with moisture so it works out for me most of the time. It is  $34 for 8 oz. Deva Curl products have a weird smell in general so I was expecting an odd smell which surprisingly the product did not have. It did still weigh my hair down and make it seem greasy. This product was a pass for me.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: Fresh products are known for being lightweight, natural and gentle on the skin. This moisture lives up to their reputation, however, it has a surprising price tag. Most of Fresh products are rather pricey however this product is $45 for 1.6 oz. I have tried this product before and was left feeling unimpressed. This time was different I am not sure why but my skin seemed to need this product. It left my skin supple and soft making me believe I may have found my new favorite moisturizer.

Ciate London Liquid Velvet: I am a sucker for a bold lip. This product is not transfer proof nor does it claim to be. It is nondrying, however, does get cakey when applying layers. The pigment? Some of the best I have ever seen with a liquid lip.Even though it does transfer the color somehow does not seem to come off the lips! I loved it so much that I went out and bought a few shades in everyday colors for $19 a piece these are a must try! IMG_0706

Living Proof Nourishing Oil: This month instead of a perfume we got a hair oil! Once again right up my alley. I am obsessed with Living Proof so I was pumped to try this product. It left my hair supple shiny and ready to take on the world. No joke I even love this more than GK Keratin Argan Oil. I have purchased a full size for $20 and will keep you updated on my new love affair.


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