Review: Huda Beauty Palette

Hello loves! And welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be a review of the new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette.  I am so excited to be sharing with you all of the fun new posts that I have up my sleeve! I am fully loving blogging and sharing everything with you.💜 P.S. I just realized that I can get to WordPress on my phone! Which has made me a boatload more productive and has been a total game changer.


This is is my first time ever purchasing from the brand Huda Beauty. They are widely known on Instagram and Social Media. This palette attracted my attention because I feel that the color combination is unique. You get your warm mattes, but the shimmer was what really drew me in. I knew this palette would be amazing for a statement eye. They lid colors are so unique and truly beautiful! They have four different formulas in this palette, matte, pressed pearl, duo-chrome toppers and pure glitter. The shadows do have fall out, which honestly does not bother me because it is not excessive. The pigment goes a long way so be sure to add in light layers and blend! They do go on like a dream but can become very bold very quickly so with this palette less is most definitely more.




Left ➡️ Right

Desert Sand (Matte) , Musk (Matte) , Eden (Matte) , Amber ( Matte), Blood Mood (Pressed Pearl) ,Oud ( Matte).


Celestial (Duo Chrome) , Nefertiti ( Pressed Pearl) , Twilight ( Duo Chrome) , Amethyst ( Matte ) , Royal ( Pressed Pearl) , Retrograde ( Duo Chrome).


Cashmere ( Pressed Pearl ) , Angelic ( Pressed Ppearl) , Cosmo ( Pure Glitter ) , Turkish Delight ( Pressed Pearl) *Chronicles of Narina anyone?!?* Saffron (Matte) , Blazzin (Matte)



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