Splurge or Purge : Eyebrow Edition

IMG_0708Hello loves and welcome back to my blog! Today we are doing another splurge or Purge! Which to me is just a fun way of seeing if a potential dupe for a product works. If you have any products you would love to see me dupe as always comment down below.

The Splurge:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz it a cult favorite. It has been keeping my brows in shape for years! To the point where honestly I have never felt the need to try and find a replacement. Until now, but to be honest it is just for fun! I love this product because it lasts all day, gives great color pigment and is truly worth every penny spent. It is animal cruelty-free and the shade range is wide to meet everyone’s needs.

The Purge:

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. If you are like me and have never found a brow pencil worth mentioning! I feel you! This product is new on the market and without a doubt an amazing game changer for the drugstore. I love drugstore products and know that you can get some serious steals. This product is less waxy and a lot less dryer than typical drugstore brow products. It is creamy perfection to lock in those brows all day. With this product, I find that I need to set it in order to get the ultimate wear out of it. The color match does not have as many options as the Anastasia nor is the line as perfected. L’Oreal is also known for testing on animals. I say if you can find your shade this product is a serious win! And a great dupe!

In full honesty I think these are both great! For this one I leave the splurge or Purge up to you!

Thanks for reading



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