Fall Essentials / Favorites

Hello !!! and welcome back to my blog. If you are new hello my name is Stacey and PurpleGiraffe is my blog all about makeup up, food and lifestyle. I have created my blog as a get away from my crazy life and I appreciate you taking time out of your life to read about mine. I feel truly blessed to be building a strong community of friends.

Today I will be adapting the youtube tag of fall favorites and turning it into a blog post. I love turning tag videos into tag posts! I think it is so fun! I am also planning on doing many fall posts so please feel free to leave me some request below! Or on Instagram which will be linked below.


Fall Favorites

Favorite Fall Candle: I love bath and body works for all things candles

Marshmallow fireside A favorite for a cold fall night! But warning it will make you want a marshmallow.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow This candle smells like a freshly baked pie! It is rather sweet but I find it delightful


Favorite Lip Color 

I love a unique color for my lips, a love a classic nude but sometimes I need a little color. Today I have chosen a classic nude with a mauve twist by Dose Of Colors which is called Truffle.


Favorite Drink

In the fall just like everyone else, I trade in my iced beverage for something delicious and warm. The tag states what is your favorite Starbucks drink, but I do not go to Starbucks first and I do not have a favorite. Therefore I introduce you to the David Rio Chai! It is a chai powder which has a much more full flavor verse just a tea I also like the texture better. My favorites are the matcha and the tiger. Bonus they also have decaf. I purchase mine at world market.

Favorite Blush

I find myself luring towards warm and dusty blush shades all over my face when the weather turns colder. For my favorite high-end blush is Damsefly by Becca Cosmetics. Of course, it adds the most beautiful warm tone dusty rose. It is extremely pigmented so make sure you dust the excess off your brush.

Favorite Clothing Item

Two Words! Flannels and Leather Jackets!


Urban Outfitters has  the best warm flannels 

Zara Leather jacket  

Nordstrom Leather Jacket with gold hardwear

Express for flannels and Leather jackets

Favorite Fall Movie 

Nancy Meyer is my favorite movie director. Seriously the lady can do no wrong. I love the father of the bride 1 and 2, as well as the intern. So just about any Nancy Meyer movie!

Favorite TV Show 

I keep the same shows on my tv all the time I love Gilmore Girls, Friends, Fixer upper, and my new favorites are Younger and Riverdale.








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