Drug Store: Best 10 Under $10

Hello Loves and welcome back to my blog. I am excited to bring you a post dedicated to drugstore makeup. I am a huge lover of drugstore makeup. I think that there is a horrible stigma around drugstore makeup that we need bust, right now. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with drugstore make, and if you are willing to give it a try I think you may be surprised. I have gathered my favorite 10 products that are under $10. To help you on your journey of learning to rock the drugstore makeup isles.

Ardell Lashes: Oh girl! If you need a great set of lashes that will not break the bank, these are for you! They range from natural to drama drama drama. My favorites are the Demi Wispies, and their trio lashes. The trios are great because they let you create a custom lash but take half the time of individual lashes.The Demi Wispies come in natural or in their double up style for extra drama.

Duo Lash Glue: Lashes require you to have a good glue in order to keep them in great shape, it also keeps your real eyelashes in great shape as well. I have always been a big fan of Duo Lash Glue, it is amazing. It does not irritate my eyes and more importantly, It comes off at the end of the day!Seriously I have a huge phobia of having lash glue on my eye lids.

Wet and Wild Felt Tip Liner: I am not a huge eyeliner girl however, I need a go to that I can keep in my collection for those special occasions.I am a huge lover of felt tip liners, but I need one that will not dry out on me given that I do not use it every day. I originally put this eyeliner in my cart because of the price tag. To be honest, I did not expect much, however, it seriously knocked my socks off. It applies with such high pigment and is a serious game changer.For best application, I how found using the side of the brush is easier than the tip.

Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss: Glossy Lips are my favorite. Matte may be the new trend, but I am a sucker for a glossy lip. Warning this is a plumping product.Meaning that it will sting your lips but in a good way. It leaves your lips glossy and with a little extra volume. Perfect for the summer with its cooling senstion.

Wet And Wild Photo Focus Foundation: The thing about this foundation, much like other foundations is that it is hard to find your shade. If you are foundation shopping in the drugstore I recommend bringing a bottle of foundation that you already love to help you shade match. This foundation is great for taking photos because it does not give you and flashback and it perfects your skin in the most natural way. If you can find your shade, go out and grab this foundation today! You can thank me later.

NYX Avant Pop Eye Shadow: Okay! Let’s be honest here who has a hard time finding good eyeshadows at the drug store. I know for sure that I am raising my hand. Now that Morphe is at Ulta I hope that will become easier, however, I have to give a shout out to my original favorite NYX. Matte eyeshadows, in particular, are always hard to find at the drugstore. I love the Avant Pop Palette because they have your everyday nudes, but also a fun pop of color.They are blendable with buildable pigment.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise: I love this mascara because it feels like it is high end. It adds amazing volume but in a subtle way. If you do not like spidery lashes, this mascara is not for you. I am a huge lover of drugstore mascara, given that you are supposed to replace your mascara every three months due to bacteria. It is a great budget-friendly option that is often compared to the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I even did a splurge or purge comparing the two.

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black: To be fully honest this mascara is my all time favorite drugstore mascara. This is my personal dupe for Mac gigablack lash. Which is one of the best lower lash mascaras ever! This mascara does not run, lengthens but also adds a tiny bit of volume and when used on your lower lashes makes everything pop!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: When it comes to concealer at the drugstore, Maybelline is the queen! I wish they had a larger shade range because this concealer is perfect. It does not crease it blends easily and I would recommend to everyone.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: Yes I know what you are thinking… why would a young girl like me use this. Well because it is amazing. I use the corrector shade which has a yellow undertone in particular for hiding the bag under my eyes for those nights of late studying. This mascara is every college girls dream.

All 10 of these products are things that I have purchased so many times and I know that I will purchase again in a heartbeat. This post is to prove to you that even if you cant always splurge at Sephora, you can still create an amazing makeup look.





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