My First Christmas Tree!

Hello, Loves today I am so stoked to share with you a little bit of my home. I am a lover of all things holidays and decorating is starting to become a new passion of mine. Of course being a college student makes my budget a little tight, however, I told myself this year that it was a priority of mine to get a Christmas tree.

I did what most people do when deciding to decorate, I went on  Pinterest! and a little online shopping. I decided that I loved the look of two different lights on the tree as well as just a simple ornament selection, and ditching the traditional bulb design.I knew that I wanted a big star and I decided to skip the tree skirt, for now.

Most of our tree is from Target, and of course, I will have everything linked below.


img_0732.jpgLinks: |Tree |Star |Squirrel|Penguin | Star Ornament, Similar, Similar |Fur Balls|Lights 1,2 | Stockings | Beastie’s Stocking|Tree Skirt that I love Here|

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing a bit more of a personal post and me allowing you into my home. I just love the holidays and to be able to spread a little Christmas cheer. I hope that have a very Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year!



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