Review: Sugar Glow Kit

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. The holidays are in full swing and it is also finals week. I can not wait to go home and spend the holidays with my amazing family. That being said up coming posts may be a little more spaced out, I appologize, but lets be honest here my family comes first.

Today I am reviewing the Sugar Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. First I need to say go on Anastasia’s website right now because they are buy one get a second one of your choice free! Yes you read that right they are usually $40 each and right now they are going for $20 if you purchase two. It is a huge savings and great if you need a gift this time of year, Or a second one for you :). They also have their Iconic liquid lips and single eyeshadows on the same deal. I am not sure how long the sale is going to last, so I would act quickly if I was you.

This is my first time purchasing a glow kit from Anastasia, I know I am late to the game. The packaging as always was extremely high quality. The price point is fair for four giant highlighters. I loved the different finishes in the sugar glow kit. Marshmallow is the lightest and would be perfect mixed with starburst for new years. Together they create some serious holiday glow. ButterScotch and Gumdrop are golden and perfect. I will probably not be able to wear them until summer given that I am seriously pale right now. I loved the varitey of this kit which is why I finally jumped on the band wagon. I would not consider this travel friendly, given how much highlighters tend to break during travel especially on a airplane. They are extremely easy to depot and move into a Z pallete if that is something that you are intersted in.

Swatches are left to right

Marshmallow, GumDrop, Butterscotch and Starburst.

If you have tried this pallete let me know your thoughts. As always thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.




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