Hello loves, welcome back to my blog.Over black Friday I placed a massive over on Kylie Cosmetics. I have never tried her lipsticks and I got a rocking deal, which is of course amazing. I love her sister company Colour Pop. I know with her products that you are paying for the name. She has made this very clear with her prices. I know that the Kardashians is a controversial topic for many. However, I am super excited to review these products for you. I love my job as a makeup investigator.


Khloe Lip Kit 

The first product that jumps out at me is her collection with Khloe.It contains three matte liquid lips and a lipgloss. The gloss is gorgeous and the mattes are so comfortable I almost forget that I have them on my lips.It retails for $40 which you will see later is a steal for the amount of product that you get. As a matter of fact I am going to be bold and say if you get anything for the post, this is my top pick.



Doll, Sugar Plum, Bunny, Baby Girl.

Bubble Lip Kit 

This set contains a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner for $29. The set saves you $5 on each and $10 altogether. It is in the shade bubble which is a lovely mauve shade that is classic and goes with just about every look.




Charm Lip Kit

Charm is a velvet lip kit. Similar to her Kim Collab. It is a bubbly pink, add a frosty gloss and you have yourself a classic Mary-Kate and Ashley Circa 2002 lip shade.This is one of my least favorite shades of my haul.


My final two purchases from my haul are individual lipsticks. One is the shade King K which is a whipped metallic. It would be beautiful for a holiday party. It feels whipped as you apply it you can feel the light and airiness giving you the ultimate comfort from a liquid lip. It is a long wearing formula but will not dry down on your lips.   The second shade is dirty peach which I think screams spring.



The products are overpriced for what you get, but as I said, in the beginning, you are paying for the Kardashian name. I think if you want to treat yourself make sure that these are on sale. They are a good product, but with so many other high-quality liquid lips on the market, nothing about these are knocking my socks off. As always I would love your thoughts.



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