Goals For 2018

Hello loves, and welcome back to my blog. Yes, this post is far overdue, however, I still want to include you in my plan for 2018. I will be going full force with going to school to hopefully end up transferring next year. In terms of personal goals, I am determined to use up all of my skincare and body products before buying new ones. This goal is going to be very hard for me, but living in an apartment my products were building up and its time to either chuck or use them up. I have decided to get my money’s worth and use them up. Crazy I know but I am excited to accomplish this goal. This also means you can be expecting product empties instead of new monthly favorites. My second goal is to tackle cooking, Doug and I do not eat out much at all, and I cook all of our meals. Our grocery budget is low and I was getting bored of the same meals that we were eating every week. My goal is that every week we will be trying a new recipe I also have a hoard of recipe books that could use a little love.


What are the goals that you are trying to stick to this year? I would love to know so please comment below.




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