April Favorites

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. I thought we would keep things simple with monthly favorites. As I have been going through my products like crazy I am quickly learning what I can and can’t live without. Today we are going to be talking about a few favorites I have discovered while rummaging through my makeup collection.

Bare minerals gloss: I am obsessed with the shade girl boss! It is perfect for summer a beautiful Darker pink, that will seriously look beautiful on everyone. The pigmentation is so even, and honestly looks great with one swipe.

Tarte shape tape contour concealer: yes I realize that I am seriously late to the game with falling in love with this product, but I have a few others to use up first.😜 Full coverage doesn’t even begin to describe this products pigmentation it is beautiful and blends so nicely! I love the consistency, it’s not thick or cakes.

Bare minerals hydrate powder: I recently went through my whole illuminating powder from them and loved it! However, pores, when I found this hydrating powder I was even more thrilled. It didn’t draw any attention poses and truly left me with an airbrushed finished, that everyone is craving these days.

It cosmetics face brush: I was lucky and received a set of brushes for Christmas in my stocking. I have never tried IT cosmetic brushes, but I have of course felt them at the giant stand of testers in ULTA! They were always silky smooth, but out of price range. Well, incredible face powder I have decided they are worth the splurge. They are insanely soft,  and apply face powder, or bronzer, like a dream!

Clinique steps 1 exfoliating face wash: I have implemented this product into my skincare twice a week. You could use it every day if needed, but I prefer to keep my exfoliating to a minimum. I have noticed how brighter and more alive my skin looks since adding in this product. When I run out, this will be a must in my collection.


Tarte liquid lip: This product was an absolute disaster! I used it when Doug and I went to Portland for Circus Ole. I kid you not, even after I used a hydrating mask the night before, this formula would honestly suck all of the moisture out of my lips within 10 minutes, and crumble into my teeth, and of my lips. I was shedding lipstick. This is nothing that I have ever experienced with a lipstick before. This was purchased toward the end of December, so I know it wasn’t old. Has anyone else had this experience? If so comment below.

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