All about masks.

Hello Loves, as you know I am a serious skincare junkie! Going through products has been great for me, however, I ran out of sheet masks! “Gasp” . As I was wondering the halls of  Target as I often do like three times a week! No joke I’m addicted. I discovered this box set, 5 masks for $7. I couldn’t pass it up! There is a variety of Hydration, peel off, and even a cream mask set. I simply couldn’t pass it up!

Tips for getting the best results from your mask.

1. Use a gentle exfoliant to prep your face for a mask, getting your dead skin off first allows your skin to absorb the nutrients from the mask better.

2. If using a peel-off mask, use an oil cleanser to take off excess it also leaves your skin extra dewy!

3. Always follow with a great moisturizer to help skin feel balanced afterwords

The masks


YES TO CARROTS: nutrition boosting, vitamin enriched kale sheet mask. It retails for $2.50.

ST. IVES: A soothing oatmeal sheet mask. It retails for $2.49

QUE BELLA: a multi masking pack, contains a charcoal, superberry, and coconut mask. Retails for $3.00.

MASQUE BAR: luminizing charcoal mask. It is a peel off. The link is to a similar product because target online does not carry this mask. They retail for 3 for $8.

NEUTROGENA: A hyaluronic acid hydrogel hydrating mask. It retails for $2.50. I popped mine in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. It is like a gel eye mask, but for all over your face, perfect for a hot summer day, and a great price point!

This set is a great way to try masks for half the cost! Which is an incredible deal? Yes some of them were a flop for me, but we all have different skin. At the end of the day,at I still think this set is a killer deal and I encourage you to pick it up next time you are at Target. It would also make a great addition to any sleepover, or just a gift.




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