Switching my closet from Win​ter to Summer.

Hey loves, and welcome back to my blog. I am so excited to be sharing my tips and tricks with you about how I store my out of season clothing. I live in a snow town which means lots of bulky jackets and oversized sweaters. We have two seasons maybe three if we are lucky a year. Living in a tiny apartment storage is always an issue. Here is how I tackle the project.


  1. Every time I switch out my clothes I place my hangers in backwards, and when I wear something it goes in forwards, at the end of the seasons all of the clothes that were hanging backwards still get donated with the exception of a few items of course. ( hangers)


2. I take everything out of my closet and fold it. And prep it for storage, If you use dryer sheets I love throwing those in to keep things fresh, If you are more of an essential oils person you can put a few drops on toilet paper, to keep things fresh as well.


3. The tote, I buy the under bed storage trucks from IKEA. They are amazing! especially if you are short on space, however, I did have to add risers to my bed in order to stick them under, If you have a low bed like I do, make sure to measure before you purchase. Also, make sure that the storage bags you purchase can fit in the container of choice.( tote)


4. These are the ones that I love (bags).


5. load them all up


I was able to fit all of my clothes in 3 of the space bags, and I have at least 20 sweaters. probably 10 pairs of pants, maybe a dozen long sleeve shirts, It could easily take 3 storage containers if I didn’t have my space bags, these things are a serious life saver!

6. It time to fill my closet back up with the new season’s items.


7. My final step is to store my boots, I have a shoe rack in the bottom of my closet and that is where they live when I do not use them, you could buy boot shapers to keep them upright over summer, however, I use pool noodles. They are a great and budget friendly as well.

I hope that you picked up on a few tips and tricks on how to switch out clothes between seasons. Thanks so much for reading and please subscribe.




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