To my 24th year

Hello loves and welcome back to my blog! It has been far too long since I have posted on here , but after talking to my sis-in law I realized how much I have missed it. Blogging has always felt so natural and I love being able to connect with people. I have always felt like talking through my blog is having a chat with close friends. I have roughly a little less than two months before I hit the big 24. Life is beautiful and I am great-full for the new challenges. I have officially received my degree and I am working towards choosing my official university, Doug is going to a new job full time which is of course amazing! And we are deciding on a new place to live (we will be moving to wherever I get into school). Daisy and Beastie are at best sisters, they fight and they play dirty but they do love each other. This year I plan to be adventurous I want to hike, paddle-board and do things that excite me! Most importantly I want to learn to practice self-care! I am terrible at making time for myself amongst finals, and school full time, work full time I get lost so easily in the mundane day to day life it’s seriously time to spice things up!

Thank you so much for continuing to love me and support me on this beautiful journey

Xoxo Stacey

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