Heres to 24 years young.

In high school I had a friend who passed away at 23 years young, she was a spitfire, beautiful human being, and a soul that we lost far too young. Hitting one year older than her for me is seriously surreal and almost unbelievable. I am a strong lover of birthdays I am that girl that will celebrate for the whole week month you name it, growing older has never been something that has frightened me, until now. For some reason this year it just smacked me in the face and threw me around a corner. 24, not even a quarter of a  century old but I am worried. 24 to me says more responsibly, I am the girl who has put money into her retirement since 19, dreamed about a house since I started binge-watching HGTV on sick says in elementary school but now it is all starting to feel real. I have goals and ambitions that are lofty and going to be a steep climb. I am happy and content in my relationships. I have a beautiful family that keeps growing ( thanks to my siblings) a loving long term relationship, and life long friends. The 24 years under my belt have been amazing. I look forward to meeting the woman that I will become one day, but for now, I genuinely say I am proud of how hard she was worked to be who she currently is today. 24 means a new job for Doug, a new school for me and moving to a new state together. Heres to 24 and making it great.

This year to celebrate my birthday Doug and I spent a weekend in Portland. We adventured over to tree to tree adventure park and went ziplining and did an Ariel obstacle course. It was crazy fun!

XOXO Stacey

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