Summer Favorites And Must-haves​

Summer is here here here!!!!! and I am loving every single second of it. I am a serious summer lover. I wish that I could say that that I don’t have to take summer classes, but your girl will have her head in the books while her feet are in the lake. With summer comes a whole new wardrobe, and of course lots of fun.

A paddleboard: I finally invested in my suplex paddleboard a year ago, it has barely hit 80 here and I’ve already used it twice. I live in an apartment so the blow-up feature is nice especially for storage purposes. It was quite an investment for me, but now I get a workout while staying cool. Plus living in the PNW there are always opportunities to use it, maybe even daily.


A paddleboard pump: When its 100 degrees no one wants to have to hand inflate their inflatable. Yes, I know how fancy! HA! but really trust me on this one.

Drybag: When you are on the lake you want to keep your clothes dry and safe, on in my case I usually have some kind of snack! My love for food is intense. Plus this one is super cute and works extremely well.

Waterproof floating phone case: If you are planning to bring your phone on the water you can never be too safe. Everyone wants that great Instagram photo, but not the phone damage that may come with it.

Waterbottle: I may be biased on this one bu hydro flask is theeee absolute best summer waterbottle/ any season waterbottle. It comes in a variety of colors and was invented the bend how cool is that! It is sweat proof and will keep your water cold for days! and hot for even longer. It comes in a variety of colors and between me and Doug, I think we own like 12. That my friends is a commitment!


Sunblock: It may be obvious, but I have to go there. First lets go down my list, must be a mineral based sunblock! One it protects the fish and the wildlife especially if you are in the ocean, protect those coral reefs, my friends. I love the Pacifica one because of the tint, I am not a big fan of the white cast from most sunscreens. I am not trying to look like Michael Jackson.

Cooling Gel Face Mask: I am a huge fan of a day in the sun obviously, but my skin always needs a little R&R afterward. I love these, especially if you keep them in the fridge it is such a refreshing treat after a long hot day.



I would absolutely love to know your summer must-haves. Please comment down below, message me on Instagram @staceybeth459. OR tweet me @staceybeth459.

I can not wait to see if you love these Items as much as I do!




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