My ONLY monthly subscription​ box.

Hello loves and welcome back to my blog. I am so thrilled to share with you today my personal favorite monthly beauty box. This post is not in any way sponsored and if you know my blog, you know that my posts will continue to not be. I have tried just about every makeup box under the sun, Sephora play, Ipsy, Birch box, and many others. My main issue with these beauty boxes is that they repeat products way too often. I get it you have an inventory and you need to get rid of things, but I am not paying to get repeat products constantly. I want something new and fresh, I want to be able to try products that may not be mainstream and I want to be able to do it at an affordable price. I don’t care about name brands, I love supporting smaller companies. I want the packaging to be minimal and the brands to be reputable. My only gripe with the box that I am currently subscribing to is the bag that the products come in. They are a cheap flimsy plastic that you cant reuse because they either break easily, or they just look tacky. I would rather just get my items in a box.

Alright, now that you know what I am looking for its time to talk about my tried and true. The Allure beauty box has been my holy grail. In this monthly box, I have received a full-sized Natasha Denona single shadow to a full-sized Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lip. Most importantly I have discovered my new favorite dry texture spray ( bonus it’s at target and affordable!) and my all-time favorite lipgloss.

This months box was no different it was filled with products that were right up my alley. What I really appreciate the most from this box is it takes into consideration my style quiz. I feel like most give you a style quiz and then don’t actually apply it. Every eye product that has been given me to has been directed towards making my brown eyes pop. A lovely compliment to my olive skin tone or a hair product for curly crazy hair.


This months box even came with a gift certificate for bauble bar. A totally Coachella approved lip gloss and a lovely facial spray to refresh on a hot summer day.


If you have tried out the allure beauty box let me know. I also want to know your favorite boxes! obviously, I am also a huge fan of fab fit fun. I know Birchbox just launched a seasonal subscription box that I am dying to try.





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