2020 goals

I have done one of these posts every year. Last year I vowed that I would start my blog again in 2020. I want a fresh start and I am so grateful for those of you that have stuck around. Please comment me on here, or on Instagram (@cakedbystac). If you would like me to touch on a certain project.

Rebranding: My blog will stay true to my makeup and beauty-loving and still including my adventures. One thing that will change is I am considering an upload schedule. Right now I like the idea of Mondays.

Goals: My goal this year is to not have a goal. I am learning to find intention with my time and trying to make the most of my hours in a day. I am going to work on using a planner regularly and setting weekly or smaller goals instead of one large goal. If I had to pick a larger goal it would be to be kinder to the environment. Last year I took a sustainability class and it changed my whole perspective on daily choices. Simple things like planning ahead to make sure I don’t have to use single waste items like a straw. Being mindful of where my money is going and that I am speaking with my money. Supporting companies that I stand behind.

If you have goals in the new year or not I would love to know! Are you done with new year resolutions?




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